Humanizing brands.

We embrace purpose-driven brands who rally identity,
culture and presence to a common purpose

Consumers are now empowered
with information… We call it
the age of the customer.

It’s a shift – it’s a migration of information away from the walled boundaries of brands to a much more democratic consumer.

What we’ve found is that, to be effective as brands, we need to converse with people in a manner that stimulates their emotions. We need to be more human.

It’s less about differentiation and more about being an ally to your customers, and it all starts by creating relevance and putting “soul” into your brand.

Human element

Our combined 15 years of experience in the range range of marketing communications in Branding and TTL Advertising Includes local and global markets | Digital | On Ground Activation | Direct Mail.

Pawns are dynamic and can transform into any piece

Pawns are the pieces of strategy in the branding chess game.

We are the front row that sets the plan in motion, which is how branding operates. Pawns open paths for the pieces of tactics in the back row, those pieces represent both marketing and advertising.

Pawns move forward and only forward, when they make it high up in the game, they can transform into any piece, which makes pawns a rather dynamic and unique element in the chess game, and guess what? White pawns are one move ahead.

Universities of Canada in Egypt


White Point


Money Fellows






Moe's Restaurant & Cafe


El Lido Burger


Mentor Productions


Buisier Development


Omar Saraya
Managing Director & Brand strategist
Omar Saraya

Account Manager

Yousra Salem
Ahmed Ibraheem

Art Director

Ahmed Ibrahim
Reham El Shiemy

Account Executive

Reham El Shiemy


Couldn't ask for better agency to deliver the exact bundle of strategy, story and of course design for my brand to be alive. Was a real pleasure partnering and having our vision aligned. I d' highly recommend such professional and creative team.

Kesmat Kandeel

Brand Manager at Misr El Kheir Foundation

Great company, Highly recommended.

Saleh Buisier

Managing Director - Buisier Development

White pawns is one of the most professional agencies I’ve worked with. Their attention to detail and their creativity is outstanding. I’ve never been happier with a brand as much as the one they created for me and glad I got the chance to work with them.

Mustafa Sayed

CEO Foodscape Egypt

White Pawns did a great branding job for us. Highly recommended.

Ahmed Wadi

CEO Money Fellows