Humanizing brands.

About Us

White Pawns (WP) is an award winning branding advocate specialized in brand strategy and brand identity design

At White Pawns, we believe in spirit and storylines that bring brands to life. The time of the robotic automated commodity with generic price-value proposition has come and gone. We are now in the era of interactive messaging, and there is no better way to represent this than through powerful branding.

The agency provides brand-centered services to partners who seek unique market presence and positioning.

Our portfolio houses brands across major sectors that include but are not limited to FMCG, education, finance, F&B and automotive. White Pawns has managed to gain the attention and loyalty of progressive brands within both markets.

Our best experiences with products originate from brands we connect with, and shaping our perception needs more than a logo.

Today, brands need people, more than people need brands.

How It all started

WP was founded by branding professional Omar saraya. His path began with graduation from advertising school and a passion for graphic design. Seeking creativity and fun made falling in love with his work easy, but something was missing. Advertising on its own was incapable of delivering the messages he had in mind for his work. He powered through, but he knew he needed to seek a grander approach.

With the advertising scene putting forward flashy ads that are more commercial and less depth insight to value and purpose. With little impact on people’s lives and the environment and little regard to the brand being represented, it is no wonder that some products pay fortunes and get little in return, lots of money floating aimlessly! We have seen a pattern of agencies seeking client approvals over advising them of developments that could lead to more work, yet better results.

After observing this repeatedly throughout the course of our career, we came to realize that most of the time, brand health, perception and experience was missing from equation; we were building skyscrapers with no foundations. It was high time we began putting strategy before tactics and execution. It was time to act.

Omar and his team started learning more about branding where it’s a science that requires thorough knowledge, the product of which is delivering true value and exemplary experiences to brand owners.

WP’s vision was and remains one of an entity that brings forward strategic flexibility and an ageless approach. An entity that also believes in the importance of understanding, adapting and growing.

Our brand should be brought forth by team players, fighters, exceptional artists, young thinkers with empty cups and fresh minds, ready for new strategies
and movements.


Our Services

Brand Strategy
Brand Analysis
Brand Visual Identity
Packaging design
Corporate Identity
Content Creation
Print Design
Digital Design
Outdoor Design
Editorial Design

Design Consultancy
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